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5 Things To Look Out For | Home Inspection Edition Contd.

Let's continue our list and learn more about such checkpoints. As a reminder, till now, we have talked about 5 major issues, and today, we'll continue to complete all 10 Things To Look Out For Home Inspection Edition. Without further ado, let's begin -

6. Structural Settlement - Structural settlement occurs in older homes, unmaintained homes, or even new homes with improper foundation installations. Structural settlement can be defined as cracks in your home larger than 1/8 of an inch. To prevent structural settlement, ensure water is properly draining away from your home

7. Termites - Termites are very common in the United States, and termites love slightly damp wood. Therefore, home inspectors find termite damage from unmaintained homes with water intrusion issues

8. Grading Issues - Grading issues involve how the soil is sloped next to your home. When water lands on your roof or near your home, you will want the water to slope away from your home

9. Missing Insulation - Missing insulation can easily make a home less efficient and too hot/cold. Be sure insulation is added in attics, crawlspaces, and any other areas the interior walls meet the exterior environment

10. Drainage - Pipes Drain lines, like old cast iron pipes, are a huge problem in today’s homes. This type of drain pipe, unfortunately, fail and lead to many issues like backup sewage, structural issues, and more. Ensure your drainage pipes are updated to something like PVC, and consider having a sewer scope inspection completed to check the condition of your drainage pipes